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The Clearwater Story
Clearwater Story

There is a tale that is told in history books on how 'Calgary' received it's name. As the story goes, a Colonel in the North West Mounted Police was so struck by the beauty of the area that he suggested the name of 'Calgary' which he believed in Scottish meant 'Clear Running Water'.


Clearwater Kelpies is located in the picturesque valley where the Bow and Elbow Rivers meet. 

We are a small hobby kennel that breeds only occasionally. We are dedicated to breeding a versatile, athletic, performance Kelpie, with intelligence, trainability and a desire to work.

Although our main focus is the performance ring, we also put much emphasis on making sure that our Kelpies are seen in the Breed Ring. 

Health, structure and producing sound puppies are of utmost importance in our breeding program.

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