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Private Training

Providing Everything You Need for a Happy Healthy Life With Your Dog

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Puppy Training

(8 to 16 weeks)

Statistics show that puppies that receive training and socialization on a regular basis from an early age and onward, have a head start in life and become well-adjusted dogs who are a treasured family member. 


The training service that I offer to you and your puppy will be tailored to your specific needs and will guide you through the early learning and developmental stages. My program is designed to establish solid foundations and to habituate your puppy to new environments. This is critical as it forms and important part of the socialization process. By teaching puppies coping mechanisms, we help them become more confident and display less stress. I will teach you skills that will help to control nervous or anxious behaviors in new environments and around people and dogs.

What you and your puppy will learn:

Basic Obedience Skills

Loose Leash Walking

How to control biting/chewing/jumping up

Household routines

Crate Training and Potty Training

Health and Nutrition Practices

Socialization around other pets and people


Next Step Training

(5 months +)

Ongoing education and socialization is vital for all dogs and owners. This program expands your dog's life skills with new exercises that will be fun for you and your dog to learn. 

What you and your dog will learn:

Recall skills with Distractions

Introduction to Off Lead Walks

Expanding on Obedience Skills

Transitioning off of Food Rewards

Verbal Commands and Hand Signals

Introduction to Tricks


Competition Training

(All Ages)

Do you have a desire to compete in dog sport competitions with your dog? I can help you and your dog become a skilled team ready to compete in any number of the dog sports offered by clubs in and around Calgary. 

Dog Sport Training Offered:

Agility - Jumps and Tunnels

Competitive Obedience

Rally Obedience

Scent Detection

Scent Hurdle Racing

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