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Previous Litters

"A" Litter

Born May 31, 2014

Clearwater's Dream N Down Under "Adi"

"B" Litter

Born October 16, 2017

Clearwater's Bara Jedda

Clearwater's Baru Bindi

Clearwater's Bibi

Clearwater's Birin Ranger

Clearwater's Blunose On The Horizon

Clearwater's Bonnie Nuala

Clearwater's Brinda Bella

Clearwater On The Bo

"C" Litter

Born February 16, 2019

Clearwater's Chaunta Nova

Clearwater's Chinook

Clearwater's Cobar Rianna

Clearwater's Colebee Jack

Clearwater's Currumbin Cedar

"D" Litter

Born August 3, 2021

Clearwater Djalu's One Step Ahead

Clearwater's Djalu Calypso

Clearwater's Djalu Indy

Clearwater The Drifter

Clearwater's Denny

Clearwater's Djalu Dizzy

Clearwater's Digeridoo IV

Clearwater Dianga's Rhythm of Life

Clearwater's Oops a Daisy

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